Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

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New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross from Batchelors in North Yorkshire

Introducing the brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, the first of a new generation of Mitsubishi SUV's that are designed and built to impress, inside and out. From it's sharp, dynamic body lines and comfy interior, to its turbo-charged petrol engine, efficient fuel economy and precise handling, this is a vehicle that keeps giving every time you get behind the wheel.

With petrol powered engines more in demand than ever, the Eclipse Cross is truly a car for the modern era. Its new generation 1.5-litre direct-injection turbo-charged petrol engine offers diesel-like torque output from low revs, but with the benefit of an instant and smooth throttle response. And just as impressively the advanced automatic provides fuel consumption that is on par with a manual transmission.

As you'd expect from a Mitsubishi, the Eclipse Cross also benefits from a range of innovative new features - introduced to enhance the driving experience. These include a head-up display, allowing the driver to see important information with minimal eye movement, and a touchpad controller on the centre console that allows the Smartphone Link Display Audio System to be operated more easily.

Add in clever use of interior space - sliding and reclining rear seats allow generous leg room in front and back - and its easy to see why the Eclipse Cross is going to take the world by storm!

Innovative Technology - Interior

  • The Rockford speakers and powerful trunk-mounted subwoofer deliver all the impact and sound reproduction of a quality home system.
  • The Touch Pad Controller is located next to the shift knob just where the driver’s hand goes when the elbow is on the armrest to offer the simple and intuitive operability of the display audio system without having to move body position while the car is on the move.
  • The Smartphone Link Display Audio system places a 7-inch display at the top of the center console where it allows the driver to see connected information and data safely and with minimal eye movement.
  • The colour Heads Up Display presents a transparent display of the information required to operate the vehicle within the driver’s field of vision (Selected Models)

Innovative technology - Exterior

  • The brand new panoramic roof includes the ability for the front section to open like a traditional sunroof, while both the front and back sun blinds can be opened or closed to let in light and breath-taking views of the sky.
  • Adaptive cruise control monitors the road and adjusts the car's speed accordingly, maintaining the driver’s chosen distance from the vehicle in front.
  • The 360º Camera helps make tricky manoeuvres and tight parking spaces so much easier. Activated automatically when the car enters reverse, it provides a birds-eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle.
  • Sharp and powerful headlights are augmented by integrated DRL’s, shaped to maximise their effect and style.
  • The Eclipse Cross’ distinctive tail is given life by its unique light bar, positioned for ultimate visibility from behind.
  • Forward Collision Mitigation - Utilising the same laser radar technology as adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation technology keeps a constant eye on the road ahead and warns the driver should an impact risk be detected, both from traffic or pedestrians.
  • Front and Rear parking sensors - Helping you detect those out of sight obstacles the Eclipse Cross is fitted with front and rear parking sensors.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert - The Rear Cross Traffic Alert system lets you know if you're about to back into oncoming cross traffic. This feature is especially helpful when pulling out of a tricky driveway or maneuvering in a crowded car park.
  • 7 Airbags - To keep occupants safe in the event of a collision, the Eclipse Cross comes with a 7-airbag system to provide protection from all sides.
  • Blind Spot Warning - By detecting vehicles in your blind spot and alerting you in your mirrors this system helps to enhance safety and reduce accidents.
  • Lane Departure Warning - Cameras built into the front of the vehicle detect when the vehicle drifts out of lane and a warning is issued to the driver.

Performance and efficiency

You can choose from a 1.5 pertol (turbo) 6 speed manual 2WD, 1.5 petrol (turbo) CVT automatic 2WD or a 1.5 petrol (turbo) CVT automatic 4WD.

The Eclipse Cross auto uses an all new CVT transmission with an 8 speed system and manual overide. An all new step logic gives the feel of a traditional auto whilst providing the benefits of a CVT. Seemlessly provides power.A smoother ride than a standard automatic.Improved acceleration.Better adaptation to varying road conditions and power demands.

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