Valeting Services

Let Batchelors give your car a little TLC

For the majority of drivers, a car isn’t just a mode of transport, it is something to take pride in and lavish attention on. To that end, we provide a range of valeting services that ensure your beloved vehicle gets the care it deserves.

We offer three valeting service levels, beginning with Bronze Service.For just £15, we will wash the exterior, polish your windows and vacuum the interior, all while you enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Our Silver Service, available for £30,includes all the features of a Bronze Service and adds a wax finish to the exterior, interior cleaning and minor spot removal.

Finally, our premium Gold Service, at £50, delivers all of the above, as well as providing a full wax polish and extensive cabin cleaning, including upholstery shampoo. We will also clean your car’s engine and boot.

For further information on our valeting services, please contact us today at Batchelors of Ripon in North Yorkshire.

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*Prices as a guideline only. A full quote will be given by our trained aftersales team upon arrival at the dealership.