Suzuki Valeting Services at Batchelors in North Yorkshire

Buying a brand new vehicle is always an exciting experience, particularly when your latest acquisition is in such pristine condition. Fortunately, you can maintain your car’s as-new condition by taking advantage of our Suzuki Valeting Services.

We provide three options:

Bronze Service – for just £15 we will wash your car’s exterior, polish the windows and vacuum the cabin.

Silver Service – offers all the features of a Bronze Service. We will also provide a wax finish to the body and clean the cabin, removing minor spots in the process – all this for just £30.

Gold Service – £50 delivers all of the above, as well as a full wax polish and a comprehensive cabin clean, including shampooing of upholstery. We will also clean the engine and boot.

When you buy a new or used car from us you will receive a TLC card. This entitles you to our Free & Easy Service, providing 12 car washes and 12 vacuums, all free, during a one-year period. If, during that time, you use any of our other departments, we will automatically give you a new card to cover the next 12 months. This benefit is worth as much as £300 per year.

For more information about our range of valeting services, please contact us at Batchelors of Ripon today.

Call us today on 01765 800060 to book.